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The patented purification system was developed by combining three unique kinds of filtering systems.

The ceramic-filtering purification system of “Kiwami” is the Japanese company AQUXITE CO.,LTD’s originai technology.

Special Ceramic Filters-a filtering system which allows the natural water minerals to remain in the water.Functional Ceramic Spheres-a filtering system for making water taste very mild and refreshing.Activated Carbon Filters-a filtering system for removing bacteria, residual chlorine, and odor

Remaining minerals after purification

-Its ceramic filters have special functions to remove toxic substances from water and to allow beneficial minerals to remain

tap water:organic matter,free residual chlorine,metals,trihalomethanes (THMs),minerals

Tap water in Southeast Asia may contain toxic substances, which are not safe, even in minute quantities. Kiwami removes these substances, making the water acceptable to drink. At the same time Kiwami selects beneficial minerals, such as Ca, Mg, Na, K, and others, allowing them to remain in the water.

Clean and Safe

”Kiwami”:without water storage tank.competitor’s product:supply water from a tank

-Existing popular types of vending machines often use water storage tanks, but Kiwami doesn’t need them and water from a tap is filtered immediately. Besides that, Kiwami is made of 100% stainless steel, just as food machines are.

Easy to Use

Various bottles and containers in common use in Southeast Asia can be used for supplying water.
(1.5L/ 6L/ 10L/ 20L/ etc.)

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